The art of "Hagiographia" or "Icon Writing" is an important part of Thomas Xenakis' creative and spiritual path as an iconographer and educator. Thomas Xenakis has been instructing on the iconogrpahic image for about 10 years. Lessons are conducted on a group or individual basis. The lessons can be conducted on site or at the iconographer's studio in northern Virginia. Iconography lessons include the theology of the icon, preparation of the icon panel, and icon writing processes and products. A syllabus, including a bibliography, and a list of materials will be required to follow this formal instruction. And investment in love, faith, commitment and time will be necssary to successfully be able to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to write an icon.
Mr. Xenakis' area of expertise is in a number of Greek historical styles of icon painting associated iwth the Macedonian, Constantinopolitan, Slavic and Cretan schools. Lessons are conducted in the egg-tempera technique of the Byzantine period. Iconography lessons in wax encaustic, fresco, tempera, and acrylic painting can also be scheduled. Three hour block period for the lessons will be required per lesson. A contract for a course schedule is required with a payment made in advance of the lessons.
The traditional techniques of the icon are accomplished through the use of all natural media. The wood panel, gesso, gold, pigments and varnish are all natural products. This serves to great advantage in the icon writing process. Icons written a thousand years ago still maintain their brillance and permanence with these techniques. The colors and images still remain beautiful and rich as is evidenced by the work of great iconographers of yesteryear through a variety of historical models and styles.
Mr. Xenakis' studies of the icon in Greece and the Balkans have contributed to a variety of texts that will be used as educational tools during the icon lessons. He is an award winning iconographer, visual artist, and educator. He is currently adjunct lecturer and visual arts instructor at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. and Marymount University in Arlington, VA. Please make all inquiries by using the Contact page on this web site.

May 16 - June 6, 2012

Thomas Xenakis teaches watercolor painting for a study abroad program in Antibes, France.
Painting and Drawing on the French Riviera sponsored by The Center for Global Education, Marymount University, Arlington, Virginia

December 21, 2011 - January 6, 2012

Thomas Xenakis returns to painting in his studio near Perugia, Italy. He is working on a body of work for the XPYSO (GOLD) series.