I have been blessed to write about 150 icons. As an Orthodox Christian the process to combine the "theology of art" and the "art of theology" is inherent in our faith. Our religious and spiritual heritage makes this an integral part of our being if we are to worship God and venerate God's creation. The use of our human creativity is serious and committed in visually honoring our Spiritual traditions. This is part of what I exist for.
This 3.5-month experience was one beautiful and intense journey. My relationship with the Theotokos has taken on new meaning. The Theotokos has been there always for me but especially in countless times in my life in need, and caring. I knew I had to embrace all of God's help to aid my talents and will for this to come to fruition. I felt I could not disappoint my God, my Church, my friends, and myself.
The evolution of the presence of the Theotokos each day on the scaffold took hold. She grew with each passing day and each touch of the brush. The dialogue between us was real. The mercy and humility I asked for to do such a tremendous deed for Our Church was granted with each hour through all tribulations and tests. The challenge was constant, but worthwhile in every aspect. I thank God for this.
The icon writing experience is very personal for me. I believe it serves as visual process as liturgy. The opportunity to do this is appreciated on so many levels. I thank Bishop Nicholas and Father Nektarios for giving me this chance. I thank, with tears of joy and love, my friends Effie and Joey Wingate, and their family, for their faith, trust, and generosity to see this project to its completion. Our bond in this project's unified vision and character was an important aspect of the journey.
As a humble servant of this great God I gives thanks for this one chance. A new completeness to my life has been gained. May we honor the Platytera with reverence and love so that all our community grows with all the beauty and greatness of our most perfect lady, the Mother of God.
Thomas Xenakis
October 3, 2003

May 16 - June 6, 2012

Thomas Xenakis teaches watercolor painting for a study abroad program in Antibes, France.
Painting and Drawing on the French Riviera sponsored by The Center for Global Education, Marymount University, Arlington, Virginia

December 21, 2011 - January 6, 2012

Thomas Xenakis returns to painting in his studio near Perugia, Italy. He is working on a body of work for the XPYSO (GOLD) series.